Ines Norton (1982)

With a degree in graphic design and a career as a visual artist, in her body of work, she addresses issues related to the binomial: natural / organic vs artificial / synthetic.

In an approach of observation and registration of these two apparently antagonistic concepts, she explores her contemporary dialogues, points of interception, dissonance and tension, taking them as the starting point of his artistic language, which naturally assumes other ramifications and problems.
Through a holistic perspective, intrinsically linked to her personal practices, Inês Norton transports to her work some of her concerns regarding the theme of sustainability, although often revealed through an intentionally ironic speech. Issues related to the call to reconnect with our primordial essence and the urgent need to review paradigms, in their obsolete perspective, are also an integral part of her work.

In this Anthropocentric Era, in which our footprint is already assumed as a “print” in what is our Home – Planet Earth – Inês Norton’s projects touch, in the subtle way that characterizes her, in an appeal to the latent urgency of a “rethinking” ”Global.

In the context of deepening her research and in a paradoxical historical moment, in which privacy is fading on the screens of a new supposed social life (and increasingly global), she has recently been focusing on the sense of touch and how it has assumed a new literacy, in a primarily technological universe. In this context, she proposes a new mapping of tactility and the exploration of new synesthetic fields, which take advantage of the inevitability of the “sensuality” of the digital world, without, however, never losing sight of the physical and real perception of the boundary contour line of our body, which mediates us with the outside.

For her work, in addition to calling attention to the fragmentation of touch that takes on new outlines in this new framework, she also explores the definition of such fundamental meeting points not only between technology and empathy, but also between artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence.